Time and the infinite struggle against the finite restrictions. How I balance full time work, a family, multiple podcasts and this pursuit of coding excellence.

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♥ This week's episode: Heat(around(the(corner)))

The journey continues into algorithms in CS50, and I'm hoping to knock out a brief rebuild of my personal site using the JAMstack this weekend.Some thoughts today on finite time and the infinite possibilities in this world of computer science and web development. Staying on track while not neglecting the necessities in a full life.
  1. Harvard's CS50 (the full course)
  2. CS50X (somewhat abridged version used by edX for the open ended and free course.)
  3. Stackbit: an outstanding addition to the Jamstack ecosystem that I discovered this past week via an episode of the JAMstack Radio podcast.

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  • I Want to Hack began documenting my desire to code and explore software engineering in the early 2012's, and re-emerged in 2020 after many years of working in small business, starting an engineering degree and doing a bunch of self learning in the web-development world.

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  • I am COO at Cups, and aspiring software founder. I enjoy hanging with my family, running ultramarathons, playing piano, launching podcasts, and drinking great coffee.

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