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.ICO not Ico

SMS & iMessage website image previews + simple favicon setup


Time and the infinite struggle against the finite restrictions. How I balance full time work, a family, multiple podcasts and this pursuit of coding excellence.


Jamstack, Stackbit, Syntaxical Nightmares in CS50, solo coding and HackReacting to a scholarship.


An update from the early weeks of Harvard's CS50 course.

Static Site Generators

A quick overview of how I got into static site generators, and why they're pretty swell for super fast sites. As well, some background on my own web development journey.

Multiple SSH Keys for GitHub

How to have multiple SSH keys to use if you have more than one GitHub account you need to push changes to.


java. that. hut() details Eamonn's discovery of Java scripting behind the scenes of GoogleDoc spreadsheets. Eamonn and Angela take a peek at a large spreadsheet Eamonn constructed for work and disect the functions behind it.

def random.poltergeist()

Eamonn and Angela fight off a poltergeist while walking listeners through two coin flipping/probability functions in Python.

Class Behemoth

Class Behemoth attacks Eamonn and Angela with topics on object oriented programming and Eamonn's first encounter with user-defined classes

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